Today’s Editorial: Christmas spirit alive

It would appear that the spirit of giving is alive and well this Christmas season in the Cayman Islands.

People who lost all of their material possessions in Hurricane Ivan are joining forces with those who were more fortunate to ensure that each and every child on the island has a merry Christmas.

On four nights next week, beginning Monday, the Noah’s Ark Traveling Christmas Celebration will trek to the districts to give away – for free – toys to each and every child who is 10 years old or younger.

This toy giveaway comes on the heels of the Cayman Loves Children Toy Drive, which Cayman Free Press, parent of the Caymanian Compass, sponsored.

There are many other individuals and groups working under the radar to gather toys to give to children this Christmas.

As much as the Cayman Islands were thrown into turmoil, it is good to see adults rallying to ensure the children – whether from families with money or not – have a present.

The hurricane took its toll on all children, no matter what their family’s economic station.

And there’s nothing more precious than seeing the eyes of a child light up when ripping open colourful Christmas packages.

But Christmas is about more than toys.

Gift giving at Christmas is intended to recognize God’s gift to the world in His son, Jesus. We give gifts to each other to recall the gift we received.

Everyone in the Cayman Islands is encouraged to always remember the gift this country was given in the passage of Ivan in September.

Many lost much – sentimental and material possessions. Most are still alive and life is the most precious gift.

To all of those working hard to make Christmas bright for children and others in the Cayman Islands, you are truly displaying the true meaning of Christmas.

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