Digicel throws Brac party

In the first quarter of 2005, Digicel plans to extend pre-paid roaming to other countries, including the US, according to CEO JD Buckley.

He said Digicel already provides roaming to pre-paid customers in other Digicel islands and in the UK, the first telecommunications company to do so.

Mr. Buckley spoke to the Caymanian Compass at the Digicel party on Cayman Brac, held in conjunction with their exclusive dealer on the Sister Islands, Kirkconnell’s Market, and also CB Power and Light Company. He claimed that, nine months after their launch in this country, they are the No. 1 mobile operator in the Cayman Islands and this holds for Cayman Brac also. This is a goal they had reached earlier than their 12-month aim, he said.

Digicel was the major sponsor for the party outside Kirkconnell’s Market Tuesday 21 December, which included bouncy castles, cotton candy and face painting for the children, free dinners for everyone, a free raffle and lots of prizes.

Business on Cayman Brac has been going very well since Digicel’s launch on the island 3 March, said Mr. Buckley.

‘We’ve seen a fantastic appetite for Digicel services and phones. I firmly believe that Cayman Brackers are really excited about the company. Digicel has fulfilled a need that existed prior to the liberalization of telecommunications in Cayman,’ he claimed.

International rates have been reduced to 20-cents per minute in evenings and weekends for calls to the US, Canada, Jamaica, UK and Ireland and, for the month of January, they are offering special ‘Digi to Digi’ call rates of 5-cents per minute after the first three minutes, instead of the regular 10-cents per minute, across all three islands.

Digicel shares three towers with Cable and Wireless on Cayman Brac and has one of its own. On Little Cayman, the telecommunications company shares the government tower. These are built to withstand major hurricanes, and identical towers on Grand Cayman stood up well to Hurricane Ivan, said Mr. Buckley. The issue for providers was the amount of water brought by the storm damaging equipment at the base, he said.

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