Cervical Cancer month is now

To mark January 2005 as Cervical Cancer Screening Month, the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital urges women to get screened for cervical cancer in order to prevent the disease.

“During January, Cervical Cancer Screening Month, it is critical that women take time to educate themselves about cervical cancer and understand that this disease is preventable,” said Dr. Michelle Mon Désir, MBBS, Family Physician. “With cervical cancer, women have the power to prevent the disease by taking action. Since this is the one gynaecologic cancer we can generally prevent or detect in its earliest stages, screening offers women the opportunity to protect their health.”

The CTMH is helping to support this campaign, which is led by the American Gynaecologic Cancer Foundation in a variety of ways.

Cervical cancer fact sheets will be available in the hospital to help educate women about the disease.

An educational presentation about cervical cancer that includes basic information about the disease, screening and treatment options will be held on Thursday, January 13th. Dr. Mon Désir who has a special interest in women’s health, will be the presenter.

Dr. Mon Désir will be using the local media to get the message across. She will be talking about the disease on Rooster Radio’s morning show on Wednesday, 12 January and will be interviewed on Cayman 27’s Daybreak show on Tuesday, 11 January.

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