Tourists enjoyed Christmas on beach

Stay-over tourists who spent the holiday season here were only too eager to enjoy Christmas Day on the welcoming beaches of Grand Cayman.

And although some felt that Hurricane Ivan had taken its toll on this island, they believe it is still a beautiful place.

‘It’s amazing it’s still in as good a state as it is,’ said second time visitor Ritch McNutt who was staying at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. ‘People have done an amazing job of trying to restore the place and I think that’s what makes Cayman different from other Caribbean destinations; people seem to care more about their island,’

Mr. Ritch, an avid diver, believes that in the long term a benefit from the hurricane will be the cleansing of the coral reefs.

His girlfriend, Sue-Ann Glenn, said the island is beautiful and they were looking forward to spending Christmas Day on the beach.

‘We’re from Colorado where it’s really cold with lots of snow and below zero temperatures so this is fantastic,’ said Mr. McNutt, who joked that they may even make their own Christmas tree out of sand.

Also vacationing at the Courtyard Marriott, Jamie Devou and Mark Leakeas, were on their first visit here and described it as ‘awesome’. The couple, who came from Boston where the weather is very chilly this time of year, were also looking forward to spending Christmas Day relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun.

Although they believe the island is ‘a little torn up’ it is still a great place to enjoy a Christmas vacation, they said.

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