Smith’s Cove replinished

As part of the post-Ivan Cayman Islands Recovery Operation, the beach at Smith’s Cove was replenished with more than 100 cubic yards of sand last week.

CIRO operations manager Mark Scotland said the Ministry of Tourism had requested the sand be put at the popular swimming area. The project was partially completed by Christmas Eve, giving holiday beachgoers a soft layer of sand to walk through and lie on.

Much of the sand at Smith’s Cove had been washed away during Hurricane Ivan, leaving a rocky beach in its aftermath.

Mr. Scotland said the six to eight loads of sand came from the stockpile at the West Bay Road Public Beach. He said the sand was sifted prior to transportation.

The Department of Environment has identified a number of locations, mostly along Seven Mile Beach, that are in need of sand replenishment, Mr. Scotland said, adding that the effort is on-going.

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