Trailers here Saturday

The first shipment of trailer houses is slated to arrive on Grand Cayman Saturday.

The Cayman Islands Recovery Committee subcommittee on Temporary Housing on Friday allocated the first 28 trailers,

Tenants will be contacted by the Temporary Housing Office starting tomorrow.

An additional 12 trailers, arrive 29 January, will be allocated shortly, said Mrs Joy Basdeo who chairs the subcommittee. Day-to-day management of the travel trailers and rent collection will be outsourced to a separate entity.

The sub-committee received about 50 applications, and most applicants have had a personal or telephone interview. All assessments were made by Department of Children and Family Services staff, following criteria laid down by CIRO. The Cabinet has approved up to 75 trailer houses for purchase, which will be leased.

Applications were rated according to a priority system, with households with children younger than 17 years, elderly and terminally ill persons receiving the highest ratings.

‘We have now dealt with all the priority one applications we received’, said Mrs Deanna Lookloy, director of the Children and Family Services Department and a member of the subcommittee.

Also on the committee, Mr Colin Ross, deputy head of the Civil Service, confirmed that some civil servants and essential relief workers will be among the first trailer home tenants. ‘We dealt with the most needy first and this included some civil servants and essential relief workers who met the priority one criteria,’ he said. ‘Other civil service applicants in greatest need will be considered in due course.’

Mrs Basdeo said most of the applications were received by the Disaster Assistance Centers in the districts, while some were phoned in to her Ministry. As of today the CIRO Temporary Housing office will be open and staffed at the MacDonald Square Building next to the George Town Town Hall. People in need of temporary housing can fill out an application form, or express an interest by calling Mrs Twyla Vargas at 525-2476. Office hours are 9am – 6pm.

It is understood that the trailers that have been assigned will meet the needs of 106 individuals most in need of temporary housing. Eleven trailers will go to families in West Bay, the most populated district; seven to George Town; five to Bodden Town; and three to East End. To date there have been no applications for temporary housing for the North Side district. Mrs Basdeo said most of the trailers will be sited on the tenants’ own property, while a few will be at the Dr Hortor Hospital site off Fairbanks Rd in George Town and two or three at the designated site near the Ed Bush field in West Bay. All the trailers going to Bodden Town will be on privately owned property at this point.

Mrs Basdeo said she had received a first-hand report of the Cayman government’s travel trailers from Mr Doss Solomon who is the deputy chair of the temporary housing subcommittee. Mr Solomon inspected the first shipment of trailers which are about to leave the Port of Tampa.

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