Tempers flare in Spotts

Residents of Spotts Newlands blocked the entrance of the post-Ivan bulk disposal site with their vehicles Friday morning in an attempt to stop dumping.

Residents say they have been waiting for the site to close and have spent days and nights monitoring fires at the site.

One of the site’s owners allegedly approached protesters with a bulldozer and told them to clear their cars or he would run them over. A resident is said to have threatened the property owner with a machete.

Police Commissioner Buel Braggs, Recovery Manager Orret Connor, MLAs Kurt Tibbetts and Alden McLaughlin went to the site Friday in an attempt to calm the situation.

Mr. Connor said he had given instructions for the site to be shut down, but somehow those directives were amended.

‘There is a meeting planned for tonight [Friday] with the residents. This site is supposed to be closed. I don’t understand why trucks are still coming,’ he said.

MC Restoration site foreman said his instructions were to let in trucks with one load for the day. He said he was unaware the dump had been ordered closed.

‘We want people to understand that we are peaceful citizens. But we have been dealing with this problem since October and we have had enough. We were not going to let any more trucks in, especially since the Fire Department was busy putting out two fires that had broken out,’ said Ms Della Ebanks, whose property is next to the dump.

‘We want people to realise that this is not a Spotts Newlands problem this is a Cayman problem. This could happen in anyone’s backyard,’ she added.

Ms Ebanks said the only trucks the Spotts Newlands residents want now are those going to take the debris out.

Another resident Ms. Annie Kay McLaughlin said several residents of Spotts Newlands had hired an attorney to write Government, MC Restorations and property owners of the site cease the dumping in Spotts Newlands.

‘We need an injunction so that they will stop the dumping. We can’t go on living like this. The stench, the rodents and the flies are unbelievable,’ she said.

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