Home to Z99, Rooster demolished

Anyone passing through Walker’s Road Monday morning would have noticed the former home of Hurley’s Entertainment’s radio stations being demolished.

The previous home to Z99 and Rooster 101 was condemned and had to be torn down, said owner of Hurley’s Entertainment Mr. Randy Merren.

The Information and Communications Technology Authority provided space to the stations in Allista Towers after the storm. However, the stations will now move to the second floor of the Crighton Building on Crewe Road.

A new office is set to be built on the Walker’s Road site, but it is still unclear where the radio stations will end up in the long-term.

Mr. Merren is also head of Infinity Broadband, which has recently been granted a licence from the ICTA. This service is to provide digital cable, high speed broadband internet and digital telephones.

‘Our intention is to eventually move into a facility for the two radio stations and Infinity Broadband,’ said Mr. Merren.

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