Ivan issues filed in court

Several actions have been filed with the Grand Court Civil Registry as a result of alleged behaviour after Hurricane Ivan in September.

In one case, a businessman claims that his landlord placed an eviction notice on the door of his premises and changed the locks, thereby excluding him and his staff from carrying out the business.

He asserts that the landlord’s acts were unlawful and contrary to the terms of a lease agreement.

Further, the landlord is accused of failing to suspend ‘a just proportion’ of rent according to the nature and extent of the damage sustained to the premises as a direct result of the hurricane or, alternatively, has failed to make good repair of the damage.

The applicant asks for damages and an injunction to restrain the landlord from excluding him from the premises.

In another matter, a landlord is accused of entering a tenant’s apartment without permission and destroying her personal property. The property included clothes, bedding, jewellery, books, kitchen utensils and photographs of sentimental value.

According to information provided, rent for the apartment was due on the 4th of the month. The landlord allegedly gained unlawful entry on or about 4 October.

The tenant was described as having suffered hurt feelings and/or depression, plus loss and damage. She seeks replacement cost of her belongings.

In a third case, it is the landlord filing because rent was not paid in August, September or October. His claim is for payment of arrears, possession of his property, payment per week until his property is delivered, plus interest and costs.

A boat that was swept across a canal onto someone else’s property is the subject of another court matter.

The boat owner claims he has been refused permission to enter the property to remove the boat and place it back in the canal. He seeks a declaration that the property owner has unlawfully detained the boat and he asks for an order permitting the boat’s removal.

Alternatively, he seeks $50,000 as being the value of the boat.

In another removal matter, a property owner has filed suit against Public Works Department and the Planning Department. He notes that PWD has been cleaning up debris since the hurricane but he wants to prevent PWD from entering his property to remove sand and debris.

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