Where was God?

Caymanian Compass readers respond to the World News feature, ‘Where was God’ (6 January 2005, page 17) about religion and the tsunami disaster that killed some 150,000 in 11 countries. Email your comments to World News editor Guy P. Harrison at [email protected]

Ms Nasaria Suckoo Choollette writes:

As Rastafarians, we the Upkeepers of Rastafari, can only look at what is happening in the world and say that Jah does not lie. Didn’t the Bible teach us that unless we served God that we would suffer the rewards of sin. Human beings were given every chance to live good, serve God and love eachother. The majority of the world has chosen to serve evil and so the world is responding to those choices.

It is not to say that Jah is sitting in his Holy place flinging terror down on the earth, but what we see happening nowadays is the result of our failure to take care of the earth we were entrusted with.

We have depleted the earth of it’s resources, in the name of development we make choices that are environmentaly unsound and we constantly poke our scientific noses into areas of creation that are strictly Jah’s business.

Didn’t the Bible warn us that the punishment for the sins of the father’s would rain down on the sons and daughters to the third and fourth generations? And just like little children we wreck havoc in the global eco systems and then stand back amazed when huge tragedies like the tsunamis occur.

Jah bless those innocent people who died in that tragedy because of the sin of others. But we must remeber, to be ready to meet the Father is a great comfort, and all we can do in this world. We are not in charge and Revelations clearly states what will happen to a world that embraces sin.

Pray and do good, serve Jah and love his children. Those of us who love him yearn to see his face and we are not afraid. Rastafari. Jah Bless

Mr. Charles D. Bush writes:

The question ‘Where was God’, in relation to the disaster and horror in SE Asia, betrays a theology that suggests that God is absent in times of hardship and suffering. It suggests that God is with us only when times are good and easy; only when we enjoy full stomachs, safety and security. This is not the God I worship.

I worship the One who – recalling the Divine Name of God – declared ‘I AM with you always’ (Matthew 28:20). At this time of suffering, the question should not be ‘Where was God’. The question for these times is – ‘Where are we?’ Where are we when there is a need to respond to, a wound to balm, a mouth to feed?

The Cayman Islands endured the wrath of nature in 2004 and we have many needs of our own to meet – this cannot be denied. Your individual needs may be so great that you legitimately cannot make a financial donation at this time

In that case, I say, pray: pray for the relief effort in SE Asia, that help may come swiftly; pray for the survivors, that they may not lose hope; pray for the wealthy, that they may loosen their purse strings; pray for all of us, that we can take this opportunity to remember our common humanity.

Pray, I say, and, in doing so, may we learn that God was there all along, Amen!

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