Personal practice certificates awarded

Twenty-three graduates from the private and public sectors received certificates in Personnel Practice at the Treasure Island Resort Hotel, Thursday evening.

Presenting the certificates to the graduates after completing an eight-month course offered by the Cayman Islands Government in association with the University of Portsmouth & Chichester College of Arts, Science & Technology was the Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy.

The course was designed to help line managers, supervisors and human resource staffs by providing them with knowledge and skill, which covered the whole range of personnel activity.

The Best Personal Practice award given by CIPD went to Ferona Bartley, Best CPP Project – University of Portsmouth went to Peter Foster, Student Representation & Liaison – Chichester College went to Raquel Solomon and Mark Tibbetts was award for Outstanding Contribution & Commitment – Cayman Islands.

Other certificate graduates were: Michele Aubert, Lillian Curbelo-Bush, Sandra Cayasso, Evlyn Phelps-Ebanks, Harvard Gourzong, Audrey Hill, Erlene Hunte, Henderson Hunte, Carmen Levy, Georgette Maxwell, Leisa Welcome, Natasha Powell, Tonya Powell, Judy Powery, Celia Russell and Ellakay Watler. Audrey Mears-Ebanks, Stephanie Foster, Olive Gregory and Stephanie Foster were awarded certificates with distinction.

Addressing the graduates, special guest speaker Deborah Barker from the Cayman Islands Law School said, it was extremely heart-warming and inspiring to know that the graduates who had families and work commitments pushed themselves to advance their knowledge and to strive for achievement in advancement by progressing themselves professionally.

‘Your graduation is a testament to your hard work and your tutors who have been through the journey with you,” she said. ‘Your choice in career, your decision to invest in the work, your decision to really look after the work force of the Cayman Islands; that is not only a personal achievement but a further achievement for the Cayman Islands, generally at the time when the area is in a growth area and a lot of attention is actually turned to the workplace and the betterment of Caymanians in the work place.’

Ms Barker said she was sure there was no doubt that it had been a great sacrifice and commitment on the part of the students, but what was cheering was that it would actually benefit the island on a whole.

Also addressing the students was Principal Lecturer, HRM, University of Portsmouth, Stephen Pilbeam.

On behalf of the course manager, Ms Jenny Goldsmith of Chichester College, he encouraged the students to go forth and put to good use in the workplace what they had learned. He congratulated those for sticking with the programme, citing the course was an extremely respected program in its third course with over a total of 60 Caymanians going through the programme.

Even though the ceremony was a little late in coming because of Hurricane Ivan the Principals thanked those attending.

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