Students should be in school

The Education Department reminds parents and guardians that children registered in government and private schools should be in attendance.

The department takes into account that Hurricane Ivan kept some students out unable to attend when schools resumed in October and November. However, with schools re-opening after the holidays on 5 January, any students who did not report by 14 January risk being regarded as truant and parents may be fined.

As per the requirements of the Education Law 1983 (Revised 1999) school attendance is compulsory for students who are four years and nine months-old by the first of September in the year in which they enrol. The law further requires students to stay in school until they are at least sixteen years of age.

Parents are therefore requested to inform the Education Department if their child is attending school overseas or is prevented from attending for some other reason. Follow-up action will be taken if the school does not receive this confirmation Tuesday.

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