Today’s Editorial: Art offers healing

Residents and visitors to the Cayman Islands have a chance tomorrow to soak up some local culture and meet some of the country’s best artists.

[email protected] is being held for the sixth year in the gardens of Government House.

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better and even more unique than in the past.

Many of the artists displaying their talents have reported that going through Hurricane Ivan stirred a deeper passion in them to become more creative.

It is certain that Ivan’s influence will be seen in some of the myriad of mediums, which include painting, ceramic, sculpture, leatherwork, dance, song, thatch work, quilting, photography and handicrafts.

Another unique aspect of this year’s event will be an art competition for children.

The My Best Blue Dragon competition will provide children an opportunity to become involved in the creativity of the day.

Many people have found that creativity has been a catharsis for them following Hurricane Ivan.

People who never put pen to paper found poetry deep inside themselves following the storm.

Art, through any medium, can offer a healing touch.

The continuation of [email protected] following the storm is also a form of healing for the entire country.

It is another opportunity for people to gather and fellowship while admiring the creativity of their friends and neighbours.

The art on display tomorrow is sure to contain messages to viewers.

[email protected] is a message to the entire country that each day brings all closer to a sense of normalcy.

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