Mini Ag Show is a go

Members of the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society have thrown their support behind Ash Wednesday’s Agricultural Day.

Society members voted at a meeting last night to lend their support to the event, which has caused some contention within the society’s board of directors.

In a show of hands, the majority agreed to assist with putting on an agricultural event, which the Ministry and Department of Agriculture will sponsor Ash Wednesday.

The society had cancelled its annual Agricultural Show because of the devastation of Hurricane Ivan on the farming sector along with the state of the agricultural grounds and safety of the pavilion. The government later decided to go ahead with a scaled-back version of the event after a meeting with farmers and exhibitors. Those attending supported putting on a smaller, non-competitive show.

Board members had called for the resignation of Rudy Myles at a meeting last week saying he did not fully inform them of that decision. They also criticized him for representing the ag society at a meeting with the ministry without a board directive. Mr. Myles denied those charges and said he has no intention of stepping down.

Mr. Myles called a general meeting last Tuesday at the request of some members to gain feedback about the event but acknowledged he failed to notify the board.

‘I neglected to perform that task.’

He called the extraordinary general meeting last night to canvas membership on the 9 February event. Most agreed the society should be involved in the event to help bring the community together and show support for the agricultural sector post-Ivan. However some said the farming community doesn’t need a show but rather hands-on help.

Concerns were also raised over the safety of the pavilion but Mr. Myles said the government has assured him that the facilities would be properly restored and ready for the public by Ash Wednesday.

Past president John B. McLean Sr. noted that the board has no issue with the ministry holding the event but had made it clear that the society was in no position to put on a show. He criticized Mr. Myles for a breakdown in communication and indicated in an interview his actions may prompt the resignation of some board members.

Another general meeting is set for 7 February at 7pm at the pavilion.

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