Football comes alive in East!

This weekend was all but quiet in North Side as the Youth and Sports Community Football League for the Eastern Districts opened up. The stage was set for both of East End’s teams playing both of Bodden Town’s Teams. The games were exciting and drew a great crowd. The stands were packed as the various communities came out to support their teams.

‘This was Beautiful!’ said Elbert Mclean, community football instructor for the Youth and Services Department. ‘We had great support and it was nice to see so many people from our communities giving their support!’

Results: East End A Defeated Bodden Town A 2-0

Goal Scorers:

Jereime Johnston (East End A) and Brandon McLaughlin (East End A)

East End B Defeated Bodden Town B 3-2

Goal Scorers:

Theron Wood (Bodden Town B) scored twice for his team

Jony Rodrigues (East End B)

Marvin Grant (East End B) scored twice for the winning team

This week Bodden Town A will Face Bodden Town B for a bit of sibling rivalry at 3p.m.

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