Today’s Editorial: Bad driving a health hazard

Bad driving has got to come to a screeching halt.

Already three lives have been lost to senseless automobile accidents since the beginning of the new year; and this is only the second day of February.

Too many drivers consider the roadways in the Cayman Islands to be the racetracks of the Indy 500 where there is a real need for speed.

They get frustrated at drivers in front of them maintaining the speed limit, which reaches only 50 miles per hour on any road. Most speed limits are at 20, 30 and 40 miles per hour.

Many drivers feel compelled to pass the vehicle in front of them, whether the line down the middle of the road is spaced or solid. In many instances, other vehicles are headed straight for the passing offender, which causes those behind to slam on their brakes and the innocent oncoming driver to dangerously swerve.

Much of the blame has been pinned on young drivers with their souped up vehicles, and rightly so. But there are also older drivers out there who apparently don’t give a whit about their own lives or the lives of others.

People who drive carelessly and irresponsibly are in fact taking their lives and the lives of others for granted.

For many months Police Commission Buel Braggs and his corps have been imploring the people of the Cayman Islands to step up to the plate and help in the solving of crimes.

This is one crime that everyone can easily assist in curbing.

Anyone who sees someone driving carelessly should make note of the licence plate on the vehicle and report it to police.

If there is a passenger and a camera is at hand, have the passenger take a photograph of the offending action and turn it in.

There is an increased police presence watching out of dangerous and careless driving, but they can’t be everywhere at all times.

No one should get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle and worry about whether they will reach their destination alive because there are careless drivers on the roads.

It’s time for every driver in the Cayman Islands to take a stand and help stop driving accidents and the deaths that result from them.

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