Todays Editorial: Super Bowl caution

One of the most celebrated and largest days in sports happens Sunday when the American football teams Eagles and Patriots team up to vie for the coveted Super Bowl ring.

While this weekend doesn’t evolve around a holiday, avid sports fans will crowd around television screens at homes, in restaurants and bars.

Super Bowl is associated with hot wings, chilli, a variety of finger foods and adult beverages.

It’s a chance for friends and fans to get together and cheer on their favourite teams.

But after the Super Bowl parties are over, friends and fans who ventured from home to take part in the festivities will find themselves in the unenviable position of getting home.

It is a given that members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police will be patrolling the islands’ roadways looking for drunken drivers.

But the fear of being arrested for driving under the influence shouldn’t be the only factor that keeps Super Bowl fans from imbibing too much and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

There is also the danger of losing ones life or being seriously injured in a traffic accident.

There are many creative options to get around the scenario of drinking and driving.

Designated drivers have been proven to be effective throughout the world. Appoint a friend to enjoy the Super Bowl alcohol free with the goal in mind of getting everyone safely returned home.

There are several taxi companies in Grand Cayman and while there is a fee attached to their usage, it is much cheaper than facing life without a driver’s licence and the possible loss of job or even worse, loss of life.

Maybe those who sponsor the Purple Ribbon campaign, which is so popular on New Year’s Eve, could come up with a plan to escort imbibers after large affairs such as Super Bowl.

Those who want to drink while enjoying the game can surely be creative enough to come up with a plan to ensure safety after the festivities.

The life they save could be their own.

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