Labour numbers are revealed

Many have been wondering what the impact of Ivan has been on the work force – both in terms of unemployment and availability of labour.

A recently completed survey provides a snapshot in time of how the labour force has changed – and in some cases remained the same – following Ivan.

Data collected from the fall Labour Force Survey, which used 20-27 November 2004 as the reference week, reveals that while Ivan did have an impact on the labour force and population of Cayman, other indicators such as unemployment rates have remained constant since the April 2004 survey.

An initiative of the Economics and Statistics Office, the fall survey was restricted to Grand Cayman due to the difficulty of survey administration post-Ivan and the desire to get a snapshot of the storm’s impact on the labour force. It should be noted that the survey only reveals information from the reference week. Subsequent surveys will help confirm if the results from the fall are continuing trends as a result of hurricane Ivan.

The following provide some highlights from the data:

During the period 20-27 November 2004, the unemployment rate in the Cayman Islands stood at 4.4 per cent, comparable to the rate recorded during the last labour force survey in April 2004. Unemployment rates for Caymanians and Non-Caymanians were 4 per cent and 5 per cent, respectively. In April 2004, the unemployment rate for Caymanians stood at 6 per cent, and for Non-Caymanians, 3 per cent.

Caymanians equalled 51 per cent of the total employed labour force.

At the time of the survey, Grand Cayman’s population had decreased by 20 per cent, from 42,397 in April 2004 to 33,853 in November.

Those most likely to have left the island after Ivan were Non-Caymanian females and youth aged 15 to 19 years old.

Of those households remaining in Grand Cayman after hurricane Ivan, about 20 per cent no longer lived in the same dwelling unit they occupied prior to the storm.

The detailed Labour Force Survey is available on the ESO website and the Cayman Islands Government website

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