Leader’s birthday concert to raise relief funds

Friends and supporters of the Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush are throwing him a party with a concert to celebrate his 50th birthday and everyone is invited.

Christian recording artist Carlene Davis will perform the free concert at the West Bay Town Hall field on 19 February starting at 7 pm.

‘It will be a refreshing time of hand-clapping, singing and rejoicing,’ said Mr. Bush.

Although there will be no admittance charge, Mr. Bush said organisers will encourage donations to raise money for Hurricane Ivan relief in West Bay.

There will also be the sale of food items and a raffle to raise money for the cause.

Mr. Bush said prizes will also be awarded for things like the oldest man and the oldest woman in attendance.

A similar concert for the benefit of the districts of North Side, East End and Bodden Town is also in the planning stage, Mr. Bush said.

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