Shark nursed back to life

Sharon Ludlum was walking her dog Meg early Wednesday morning on Cemetery Beach in West Bay when she came across a small nurse shark lying motionless on the shore.

She called a friend at the Department of Environment (DoE) to come check it out.

‘I thought it was actually dead but it turned out it was still alive.’

Mark Orr spent about an hour nursing the shark back to life – massaging it to get its blood flowing again and moving it around in the sea to get water through its gills. He then set it on a ledge of rocks in the water to recover.

‘It has a pretty good chance of surviving,’ said Orr, Marine Enforcement Supervisor with the DoE. ‘It was breathing on its own all the time.’

He suspects a fisherman had caught the two-foot male shark, cut the hook out of its mouth and then tossed it out.

Two tourists spotted the shark less than an hour after Orr put it back in the water while they were snorkelling.

‘They saw a cut on its mouth so it’s likely it’s the same one. It was moving its fins and tail so it looks like it’s going to be OK.’

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