Port to publish schedule of arrivals

The Port Authority plans to improve the collection of goods by publishing a ‘due-to-arrive’ container schedule.

The list would include cargo expected several weeks ahead, allowing customers to make collection arrangements ahead of time.

Port Director Paul Hurlston explained that arrangements made in advance of containers’ arrival would substantially speed up the collection process: ‘For heavy, bulky items, like furniture, arrangements for pick up need to be made with trucking companies in advance. If customers have warning of their goods’ arrival, they can immediately begin making plans for collection.’

Mr. Hurlston emphasized that the timely removal of cargo would release much needed warehouse space, for many household items take up a lot of room: ‘We have implemented a lot of new initiatives to improve the flow of cargo since the hurricane but factors such as collection frequency remain out of our hands.

‘We really want to work with the public on processing goods as quickly as possible,’ he continued. ‘We understand that everything needs to be imported – that is our lifeline. With that in mind, we also try to frequently update the Chamber of Commerce so they can inform members of any potential delays with goods.’

A timetable of incoming cargo is to be published weekly in the newspaper and preparations to put this system in place will be fine-tuned over the next few weeks.

Despite the overwhelming volume of containers arriving every month, special effort is constantly being made to identify essential produce.

‘Goods like medical supplies and refrigerated cargo are particularly time critical; priority is therefore given to locating and processing them,’ he said.

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