Signs urge cleaner community

A motto Mr. Jay Bodden strives to live by is ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

Mr. Bodden and his family have launched an anti-litter campaign in Newlands. They hope in time the campaign goes national.

Signs state ‘I am your country please don’t litter on my shoulders’ and others that read ‘Everyone please keep it clean’ have been posted along Hirst Road and in Savannah.

‘It is a shame legislators don’t take littering more seriously. I have been a strong advocate against litter all my life,’ he said.

‘We have to look at our island through a visitor’s eyes. The first thing I believe a tourist looks at is how clean a country is,’ Mr. Bodden said.

One of Mr. Jay’s daughters, Heather, said she cannot understand why people don’t have more civic pride.

‘We need to get our little island back to where we are considered the gem of the Caribbean again,’ she said.

‘We would like to see more involvement from the community. It would be nice if a service club would take up this challenge and post the signs island wide,’ she said.

The signs have a bit of history behind them. Mr. Bodden had them made 25 years ago. But they were never displayed. They sat in a shed until they were discovered recently.

‘I had them made in the 80s but because I had to get planning permission to put them up I never bothered,’ Mr. Bodden said.

‘I am glad that my granddaughter’s husband, Mario Rankin, put them up now. I hope that people will take heed to these signs,’ Mr. Bodden said.

Mr. Bodden said Hurricane Ivan made a mess of Grand Cayman but it is no excuse for people to leave their yards cluttered especially if they have hired a contractor to repair their homes.

‘I believe that people should hold back 10 per cent of the value of the contract until their contractor cleans up the mess. People have to do more to keep their yards and what they own in better condition.’

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