Local music gets taken seriously

Recently The Barefoot Man along with Sea n’ B (Chuck and Barrie) joined the roster of international recording artists that receive regular rotation on Sirius Radio Channel 97 – also known as the ‘Vacation Music’ Channel.

These local artists made their Sirius debut on Super Bowl Sunday. They will be featured along with Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, Harry Belafonte and UB-40 to on-line, dish and radio listeners with crisp digital-quality sound via three state-of – the art satellites that rotate in figure eight, geo-synchronous orbits around the earth .

Sirius Radio has 120 commercial-free channels playing everything from jazz to rock to vacation music.

‘Vacation Music’ is a mix of beachy Calypso, reggae and Hawaiian favourites. The idea is to take the listener from his cold-urban surroundings and place him on a sandy shore with palms, sea and sun by simply tuning his on line radio to Sirius. Commercial-free satellite radio, which is changing the way the world listens to music; even some of the large automobile manufacturers are installing satellite radio in their newer models.

Barefoot comments ‘Hey, I’m honoured that my music is being played on the same station that features Howard Stern. What’s really interesting is that on any given day Sirius is giving us more rotation than most local radio stations here in our home – Cayman.’

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