Dogs get a day at the spa

The Cayman Islands Humane Society held one of its regular Dog Wash events on Sunday morning behind the Hell Esso station.

Nearly 50 dogs were treated to a free bath and nail trim from Humane Society volunteers.

Afterwards, the pampered pooches were given biscuit treats.

The Humane Society runs the Dog Washes every six to eight weeks in different districts, said president Giuseppe Gatta.

‘We do this partially as an education programme,’ Mr. Gatta said.

‘We talk to dog owners about the benefits of spaying and neutering their dogs, about treating for fleas and ticks, and about proper veterinary care.’

Dog owners are also told about heartworm prevention.

The Humane Society also provided free licences for dogs at the event.

The licences are required by the Animals Law, but many dog owners do not have them despite the fact they do not cost anything and are valid for the life of the dog.

Mr. Gatta said the next Dog Wash will take place on Martin Drive, in the Scranton area of George Town. The exact date has not been determined.

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