Chicken woes continue

I recall some time ago last year that there was a flurry of letters complaining about the chickens or in particular the rooster population.

There was brave talk of eliminating these noisy fowls and letters bantered to and fro, both for and against.

Sadly nothing came of it and now – they are back with a vengeance. Even Ivan could not destroy them.

What is to be done with them?

Where I live (in George Town) they are a menace, they start crowing continuously from 3am onwards, in fact they sound as if they are actually on my pillow they are so loud.

When are we to be rid of these useless fowls?

Why can’t they be rounded up and given to a farmer – they belong in a farmyard and not to be roaming throughout the town.

To all the people who say they should be left to roam in peace – I say, fine let them roam in your backyard and crow all night long every night and you will be changing your mind very fast.

Please allow us hardworking folk a decent nights sleep. Someone solve this problem.

Michelle D’Arcy

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