Unfair importation of cars

I feel compelled to write this letter as I have seen much abuse going on in this country with respect to the importation of foreign cars by non-Caymanians.

It has gone on for far too long and something needs to be done. I have been witness to some individuals bringing is as many as 10 cars per year, keeping them each for a few weeks to cover their tracks and then selling them at a huge profit.

These people are in Cayman on work permits and figure it is an easy way to make quick profits, but what is this doing to our environment?

What about those people who make their living as duly licensed car dealers? Is that fair to them?

I have even been witness to people at work spending company time looking for cars on the internet to import. One of them even got fired for it.

Companies, you need to block those websites or you will not be getting your money’s worth from some employees.

Everyone deserves the right to do better for themselves, but in this case, we are talking about people who are not duly licensed to sell cars on a regular basis nor are they citizens of this country.

Just because they do not bring in these cars in bulk does not mean that they should be excluded from paying some sort of licensing fees or being controlled in some manner.

This must be regulated somehow or Cayman will become another Bermuda where the amount of cars per household is limited.

I encourage Caymanians to report to the Immigration Department anyone holding a work permit who is involved in this practice as in my mind, it could even be considered as holding a second job without having a permit for it.

There has to be a solution.

Ivan took many cars and that is why there is some form of relief at the moment, but this practice is now so prevalent that we will soon have a major problem on our hands.

AJ Carter Ebanks

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