Doing good near and far

A small army of good-hearted people invaded the beaches of Grand Cayman Saturday as Montessori By The Sea held a beach cleanup that targeted both local and international goals. Cleaner beaches benefit Cayman and sponsorship for the kids’ work raised money for Cayman Loves Children’s tsunami fund.

Students and parents worked at three Grand Cayman locations: Newlands, North Side and South Sound. Approximately 50 students and parents took part and collected more than 100 bags of garbage.

‘I was very pleased with the turnout,’ said school administrator Ms. Debbie Thompson. ‘What I really liked is that we were able to take a concept that was being studied in one of our classrooms and make it real for our kids, while helping Cayman. Every class, and the teachers, got involved. Kids were able to see that while there are events that we can’t control, like hurricanes or tsunamis, we can all pitch in and do our part. And while helping ourselves, we can be compassionate and help others. Listening to the kids talk prior to the clean up, during and after, you could see that they clearly got it and were as happy as clams to be able to help. It wasn’t a chore- it was fun.’

‘We feel that it is very important that children, especially at a young age, understand the concept of a community, both locally and globally,’ said Ms Kourtni Jackson, a school administrator and teacher. ‘ This island clean-up and tsunami fund-raiser was a wonderful opportunity for the children to grasp the concept of helping on these different levels.’

‘I really enjoyed the beach cleanup and I thought it was a good thing because we were helping people,’ added Nico Thompson, 7. ‘I really enjoyed looking in the [mangrove] roots and it was great because my friend Jared was with me and I really trust him. It’s nice having a friend that I know I can trust. There was a nice view of the water through the roots too.’

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