Deloitte gets PWD restructuring

On Thursday, 17 February, Ministry of Works officials met with Deloitte’s Human Capital Advisory Services to discuss parameters for the restructuring of the Public Works Department.

Mr. Gilbert McLean, along with Permanent Secretary, Andrea Bryan and Administrative Officer for Works, Marilyn Conolly, discussed his expectations of the project. In particular, the Minister discussed the need to strengthen the finance section in response to the requirements of the Public Management and Finance Law, as well as creating effective Human Resources support within the PWD. Overall, the goal is to review the organisational structure of the department to ensure that it is operating in the most efficient manner.

‘Once I was assigned responsibility for the subject of Works, it was my objective to examine the department with a view to improving the PWD,’ said Mr. McLean. ‘The staff is to be commended for their performance through the challenge presented by Hurricane Ivan. The PWD however still has areas that need to be improved and are of utmost importance to the future success of the department. A major objective of the restructuring is to ensure the placement of qualified Caymanians within the PWD and to strengthen the efficiency of the department.’

The Minister also stressed that the key to making this exercise a success is the feedback from staff as their participation is integral in creating a revitalised work environment. This restructuring phase will include meetings with the staff through focus groups and other one-on-one methods of evaluation.

Work on this project began on 14 February and will continue for two weeks. At the end of the contract, the firm will produce a report for Government, including their findings and recommendations.

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