HSA develops strategic plan

The Health Services Authority has completed the development of a strategic plan, which will drive the development of a sustainable world class healthcare system in the Cayman Islands.

The key elements of the plan are six strategies which will serve as a blue print for the Health Services over the next five years, states an HSA press release. These are:-

the development an efficient organizational structure for the HSA;

implementation of steps to ensure the financial viability of the HSA.

implementation of measures to ensure that the care delivered meets or exceeds internationally accepted standards;

creating an environment in which patients and families are encouraged to actively participate in achieving wellness;

improvement in external communication to gain public confidence and support to achieve the mission and objectives of the Authority;

creating an environment that ensures internal communication, fosters job satisfaction and encourages staff commitment to improve productivity and customer service.

A diverse group from various areas of the social, religious, community, economic and political landscape of the Cayman Islands formed the planning which met over many months in creating the plan to realise the HSA’s mission to be the primary provider of high quality healthcare in the Cayman Islands.

According to Mr. Tim Ridley, Chairman of the HSA Strategic Policy Subcommittee, ‘the consensus that emerged from the group is extremely positive. I am confident that with the development of this bold strategic plan, the HSA will achieve success and enjoy a bright future.’

As part of the strategic planning exercise an extensive review of the HSA’s current organizational status was undertaken, as well as analysis of future trends, strengths, opportunities and threats, including issues identified as critical to the success of the organisation.

Mr. Ridley stated that this extensive review and analysis created the basis for the development of ‘a sound plan that represents the views of internal and external stakeholders in producing an agreed set of priorities for the next five years.’

Mr. Ridley noted that the plan is designed to be flexible. ‘Nothing except the Mission Statement is carved in stone. The expectation is that, over time, the current strategies will be achieved and new strategies will be identified and added. Consequently, the plan will remain dynamic through annual reviews.’

Following presentation to and approval by the Board of the Health Services Authority, the plan will be communicated in different formats to the people of the Cayman Islands.

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