Aid should be conditional

As long as the world continues to shelve out billions of dollars in aid alone and as long as there are corrupt governments in these less developed and developing countries, we will never be rid of world poverty.

There’s no problem with giving money for aid but it should have conditions attached.

For example, there should be conditions that the government train their people to develop the land; have training programs in place where the people become skilled and learn how to progress.

There’s no use in giving money to some of these countries because it never leaves the hands of the corrupt leaders.

Take a look back at Ethiopia and the famine in the mid 1980s where so much money was raised worldwide for the starving.

But look at what’s happening today. The famine there today is worse than in the 1980s and it’s going unnoticed.

Another point, some people in these countries become too reliant on foreign countries for aid and it becomes a natural way of thinking.

But ultimately, the Governments need to really start training and developing their people to develop the countries.

Otherwise they will always look for handouts. Plus, I think Bono is being extremely naive to think that world poverty will be alleviated in his lifetime; especially with the continuing wars and threats of natural disasters.

Nice thought but I don’t think so.

Sheena Carten

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