Taking flexibility to extremes

I would like to comment on the recent announcement of a new political group on the local scene – The Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA), headed by the Honourable Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Linford Pierson.

To do this I would like us to cast our minds back to last year, just after Ivan had visited, when Mr. Pierson made his statement that he would resign as Speaker and run for yet another term of office, because his constituents needed his services.

This was followed by a split or difference of views between himself and the Minister of Sports, the Hon. Dr. Frank McField, which led to the quite inappropriate action of the Speaker calling for a vote of no confidence by the UDP in their own Minister.

We then witnessed the turmoil within the George Town branch of the UDP, which one can only assume was as a result of the earlier actions by the Speaker. A slate of candidates was finally selected for the UDP in George Town, which omitted the Speaker. He then announced his decision to resign from the UDP and run as an Independent, who if successful would re-join the UDP after May 11th!

Now we see yet another twist in the sequence of events with the formation of the PDA, a group of individuals opposed to the Party System, with the current Speaker of the L.A. as its head.

This is the same individual who has always stated his unswerving belief in the party system!

It is my humble opinion that the high office of the Speaker of the House has been brought into question with such behaviour as I have outlined above, and Mr. Pierson should resign from that post with immediate effect. We are well aware of Mr. Pierson’s flexibility, but this is taking that unenviable quality to the extreme.

Osbourne Bodden

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