Expo features weight loss patch

As more people seek out new and alternative ways to lose weight and improve their health, green tea diet patches are gaining in popularity, producing dramatic weight loss results, and now the all-natural green tea diet patches are available here in Cayman exclusively through Patch Mania, a Caymanian-owned business..

Patch Mania came into being as a result of entrepreneur Lisa Houben-Gould’s personal quest to improve her own health and general wellbeing. She happened upon the patches and after extensive research, began using the products herself.

‘Within the first month, the results were unbelievable!’ exclaims Houben-Gould. ‘Everywhere I went, people were amazed at not only the weight I had lost but my overall appearance. I was approached by many people who wanted to try the patches and so came about Patch Mania.’

Lisa started using the all-natural Green Tea patch and the Detox patch in April 2004. In May, she added the Carb Blocker patch, using the three everyday simultaneously for three months, as recommended. Within that timeframe, she found that her metabolism increased significantly, her backaches, neck and shoulder pains were greatly reduced, her varicose veins started disappearing along with the fat and her immune system improved. She also dropped 6 dress sizes, from a size 16 to a size 10.

‘I also saw and felt a difference in the texture of my skin. I had less scars, I healed faster and my skin feels a lot smoother,’ says Lisa. ‘My overall appearance has improved and I feel energized.’

Lisa’s inventory includes the All Natural Green Tea Diet Patch, the Detox Patch, the Carb Blocker Patch, an Arthritis/Pain Patch and a Seaweed Defat Soap, all of which have been tested by Lisa herself, producing no side effects except improved health. In addition, scientific studies have been carried out by such reputable institutions as the Universities of Chicago and Geneva, particularly on the Green Tea Patch, the results indicating that the patch suppresses appetite safely and increases the metabolism naturally.

The extraordinary effects of the Seaweed Defat Soap have also been lauded by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and various TV news magazine shows including Prime Time, A Current Affair and Hard Copy. The soap is made from the elixirs of undersea plants, including rare seaweeds. Used for over 400 years in China, seaweed is renowned for its healing and slimming properties; the Seaweed Defat Soap contains defatting agents which penetrate to fat cells to assist in their reduction. Professor Masami Asayama of Chukyo University in Japan reported a 20 per cent reduction in body fat directly attributed to the use of the defat soap in a three month empirical project.

‘I have already conducted over 100 free seminars, one-on-one and in groups, in private homes and public offices, resulting in many satisfied, repeat customers,’ says Lisa. ‘I hope that people will visit my booth at the Balance Health & Fitness Expo so that I can help them on their path to better health and an improved quality of life.’

The Balance Health & Fitness Expo is being held in conjunction with the Cingular Wireless Cayman Islands Marathon. Runners can register and/or pick up their registration packets at the Expo.

For more information about the Balance Health & Fitness Expo or the Cingular Wireless Cayman Islands Marathon, log on to www.CaymanIslandsMarathon.com or call 946 8822. To contact Lisa at Patch Mania, call 917 7757.

If you go

Patch Mania will be exhibiting at the Balance Health & Fitness Expo that is taking place on Saturday, 5 March at the Family Life Centre, Walkers Road from 10am to 3pm. Ms Houben-Gould will be selling her products and conducting personal sessions at her booth throughout the day.