Today’s Editorial: Employers put on notice

Employers who don’t pay insurance for their workers have been put on official notice.

Minister of Health Gilbert McLean was successful in the Legislative Assembly of getting passed an amendment that imposes harsh penalties on employers who fail to take into account the well-being of their employees.

He commented that he knew of some cases where employers were deducting health insurance costs from their employees, but not turning the money over to the insurance companies. The minister said that could be theft.

We maintain it is theft.

Employers who take deductions for health insurance or pensions and don’t turn that money over for the intended purpose are stealing, plain and simple.

Employees who find themselves at the offices of a healthcare provider for treatment and find out they aren’t covered should report the employer immediately.

Government has taken the first step to make sure employees get treated fairly with health insurance.

It is now incumbent on Government to seek out and pursue justice in prosecuting offending employers.

Those who employ workers have an obligation to the people who work for them, just as employees have an obligation to provide a good day’s work for a day’s wage.

Under the new law employers who refuse to provide health insurance to employees could face fines of up to $10,000. Continued non-compliance could mean an additional $100-a-day fine.

It is hoped that all employers take the new law seriously and ensure their employees are insured.

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