UDP confirms new candidates

New United Democratic Party candidates have been confirmed for the 11 May general election.

The Campaign Committee of the UDP confirmed them.

Three new candidates for the district of George Town have been ratified. They are Ms Beulah McField, Mr. John Henry Ebanks and Mr. Lloyd Samson. The three will run alongside Dr. Frank McField, the district’s incumbent for the UDP.

In Bodden Town Mr. Mark Scotland has been confirmed to contest for seats for the party along with Mr. Roy Bodden and Mr. Gilbert McLean.

The UDP’s candidate for North Side, Mrs. Alex Johnson, was also confirmed.

‘The UDP welcomes these candidates that have put themselves forward in the service of the party and of their country. I have no doubt that they will make a solid contribution to the political process and that, once elected, they will provide good representation for their constituents,’ Party chairman, Mr. Billy Reid said.

Ms McField

Although seeking political representation for the first time, Ms McField has been a community advocate for most of her adult life. She makes women and family issues a central part of her outreach. An ordained evangelist, she founded Rehoboth Ministries and launched an after-school programme that has catered to well over 500 children (from first grade to graduation) for over 10 years.

She has worked with the elderly in the community for over seven years and oversees the ‘Meals on Wheels’ programme, which she helped to spearhead.

‘I see the need in the Cayman Islands at this time for a woman who is sympathetic toward existing social conditions – violent crime, too many young parents and a falling away from our traditional way of life. I think we need a return to our heritage and our culture and I think this can begin in the Legislature,’ she said.

Mr. Ebanks

John Henry Ebanks, a banker for 28 years, gained extensive training and experience working in the USA, Central and South America and the Caribbean, working with the Citicorp banking group for 14 years.

‘The experience and exposure gained in the various jurisdictions serves as a catalyst for my wanting to contribute further to my homeland,’ Mr. Ebanks said. ‘The continued financial globalization demands careful balance and scrutiny of not only our financial institutions but also of good governance. I believe I am sufficiently capable of addressing these factors and providing a balanced viewpoint, as a representative of George Town and the Cayman Islands,’ he notes.

Since returning home in 1983 Mr. Ebanks has immersed himself in various community activities, including youth football. He is a past president of the Cayman Islands Boys Scouts Association. He served on the boards of the Water Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority.

‘One of my main goals and ambitions for the Cayman Islands is to provide our citizenry with the opportunities and education to enable them to have a good quality of life,’ Mr. Ebanks said.

Mr. Ebanks affirms that all the UDP candidates for George Town ‘are focused on the unification of the people of the Cayman Islands and in particular the people of George Town. We believe that at this time we need to have a cohesive group of elected members, thus furthering national consensus.’

Mr. Samson

Mr. Samson is an attorney-at-law, with his own practice, L.A. Samson and Company, which he established in the mid 1990s. Prior to launching his own practice, he worked with the government’s Legal Department and in the private sector.

He has been a practicing attorney in the Cayman Islands since 1990, after completing his training at the University of the West Indies and the Norman Manley Law School.

A litigator throughout his career, Mr. Samson has served his community by providing legal aid and pro bono services for hundreds of residents who might otherwise not have been able to afford legal representation.

‘The Cayman Islands is now at a crucial juncture where we are embarking on a process of nation building. I believe that through my training and experience I can make a contribution to this process,’ Mr. Samson said. ‘George Town has lacked effective political representation in recent years and I hope my colleagues and I can do something to address that,’ he said.

Mr. Scotland

Mark Scotland has had a distinguished career with the Public Works Department, which he served for 15 years, before resigning last year to seek political office.

An engineer since age 22, Mr. Scotland recorded significant achievements while at Public Works. Among the youngest and brightest of Caymanians, he headed the PWD Roads Division for seven years and was been at the forefront of planning and development in the Islands – effecting critical change and improvements in the area of road networks in the Islands.

‘My passionate interest is to see the future positive growth and development of Bodden Town, our people and the entire country,’ Mr. Scotland said. ‘I have a keen interest in young people and in particular how we can encourage them and enhance their opportunities for positive advancement.’

Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson, a sales and marketing executive in the tourism sector, has been a community worker in North Side since 1993 when she re-settled in her homeland after spending 28 years in Los Angeles, California.

Also a first-time political candidate in the Cayman Islands, Mrs. Johnson is no stranger to politics on a major scale. While in Los Angeles she worked with Garret Aire Research for 21 years and was the representative of the Employees Association and served in that role for five years. She then ran for vice president of the association, won the election and served in that capacity four years. She later ascended to the presidency and served as the association’s leader until her retirement from the company in 1992.

‘My passion is people,’ she said. ‘And I believe in young and old coming together to learn from each other and to find creative solutions for us problems.’

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