Report differs from Port Authority figure

An international report estimates the damage of Hurricane Ivan on the Port Authority to be $3 Million, while the Port Authority has confirmed damage to stand at $1.5 Million, half that amount.

‘The Impact of Hurricane Ivan in the Cayman Islands’, released by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean was released in January.

It says, ‘The total impact of the disaster on port facilities has been estimated as $3 million, evenly divided into direct damage on infrastructure assets and losses of income . . .’

The report also describes some of the damages sustained.

In an update on Hurricane Ivan damages, the Port Authority has confirmed that most of the port vehicles damaged have been replaced and/or fixed; the cruise terminals are now fixed and operational; the warehouse roof has been temporarily repaired; the mechanic shop has been temporarily fixed; the taxi dispatch facility has been repaired. The outdoor sheds still need repairs.

The ECLAC report also outlines damages to the Owen Roberts International Airport, giving total losses of $12.7 million, of which 65 per cent are direct damages and 35 per cent are revenue losses. It states that it will cost an additional $9.5 million to import equipment from abroad and $5.8 million on reinsurance from abroad.

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority has confirmed that it supplied the figures for the report and the overall figures mentioned in the report are correct.

The report says that repairs to the airport include: roof of terminal building and electrical connections and equipment; air traffic equipment; CIAA office building; general aviation; air cargo office; Meteorological office facilities; lighting system and electronic equipment for emergency navigational assistance and emergency generator; perimeter fence.

CIAA has also stated that the repairs to the ORIA buildings are ongoing and it is not only restoring the buildings to their original state, but making needed improvements to the buildings.

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