Beaches get facelift

All around Cayman public beaches and even those created by Hurricane Ivan are receiving a new facelift.

Armed with rakes, machetes, picks, and garbage bags, hands hired by MC Restoration are busy restoring damaged beaches into eye-catchers for locals and visitors.

Workers are busy cleaning up the Frank Sound Road jetty and surrounding area of fallen brush and rubbish.

MC supervisor Hermin Christian spearheading the project said, ‘We are working diligently to get the beaches cleaned up in time for Easter.

This time of the year most locals visit the beaches to have picnics and campouts, so we are trying to make the beaches as inviting as possible. Also we want the beaches to look attractive for visiting tourists.’

Through the efforts of MC Restoration, Bodden Towners are also enjoying the pleasures of a clean beach.

East Enders too will soon see their beaches restored to their former glory, as work teams apply themselves to the task in that district.

‘The locations for priority beach restoration are chosen by considering turtle nesting habits, natural erosion cycles, and popularity with tourists and residents, states a Government Information release.

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