Today’s Editorial: March 8

There was a sense of unity in the Legislative Assembly Monday.

And it took the comments of a former British Member of Parliament to do it.

Both sides of the Legislative Assembly expressed anger at the remarks and have called on the Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy, to respond.

Former MP Matthew Gordon-Banks was in the Cayman Islands not in any official duty, but on a personal quest.

It would appear his mission is to dismantle the current Cayman Islands Government.

He even insinuated in an article carried by another newspaper in Cayman that other institutions in the UK share his views.

It is agreed that Mr. Gordon-Banks is entitled to his own opinions; everyone is.

But there must be a line drawn when taking advantage of position – whether real or perceived – and voicing those opinions.

It is also the duty of responsible media to weigh the good or harm of comments before publishing them and deciding where they best fit in the format of the broadcast, telecast or layout.

There should always be freedom of the press, even when it isn’t legislated, but with that freedom comes great responsibility.

Putting out any item for public consumption that has potential for harm to the entire country is irresponsible.

This country is on the brink of elections and it would appear that the comments of Mr. Gordon-Banks are meant to sway those elections.

But no matter what party is in the seat at any time, to allow discourse of this nature is dangerous and could become a means of manipulation of any government.

The matter has now been put on the Governor’s platter in the minds of the MLAs. They want to know what kind of weight the comments carry. In a front page story on the matter today a spokesman from the Governor’s office said Mr. Gordon-Banks was voicing his own opinion, not that of the UK.

A request has also been made that Government respond to the comments.

We await its remarks.

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