Deloitte Consulting launched

Deloitte launched its refocused consulting services last Thursday evening with a cocktail event at the Grand Old House.

Partner Taron Jackman, who heads up Deloitte Consulting, said people might wonder why the company was launching services it already offered.

‘We have made a fundamental change in focus and approach,’ he said, adding that equal emphasis will be given to on shore and off shore business.

‘We provide a suite of services useful for every business in Cayman,’ he said.

Deloitte Consulting has offers services in four different categories: Accounting; Property; Human Capital; and Economic & Business.

‘We have specialty services at one point of contact,’ he said. ‘In the construction industry, you would call that the design and build approach.’

Another part of the fundamental change in Deloitte Consulting concerns its relationship with clients.

‘It is our intention to become your business partner,’ Mr. Jackman said. ‘It is our intention to grow gray with our clients.’

Mr. Jackman said Deloitte wants to give clients ‘a real sense of receiving value for money.

‘In the end, we want your business to succeed,’ he said.

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