MC ceases debris collection

MC Restoration ceased the collection of debris on Grand Cayman as of last Friday, the six month anniversary of Hurricane Ivan’s passage.

Cayman Islands Recovery Operation (CIRO) Operations Manager Mark Scotland told a press briefing Friday that MC’s contract had not been extended, as of Friday, and it had closed in on its target of collecting 300,000 cubic yards of debris.

Mr. Scotland said the company would not be collecting any more debris until further decisions are made for ongoing debris collection. However, debris processing will continue.

With regard to derelict cars Mr. Scotland said that 2,000 have so far been collected and are being stored at MC’s compound. By the end of this week a ship would be on its way to carry the cars off island. The cars would be somewhat crushed and placed in containers at the port and shipped off the island.

Mr. Scotland said he was encouraging people to avail of the tagging and removal service for derelict cars, which he said must be done at the request of the individual owner, unless the vehicle was blocking a public right of way.

Commenting on the fact that many previously ‘derelict’ cars may now be back on the roads again, Mr. Scotland pointed out that as a safety issue some insurance companies are carrying out inspections on vehicles prior to insuring them.

‘A car must be licensed and insured. These are two measures to confirm its roadworthiness,’ he said.

He encouraged those who are holding onto hurricane damaged vehicles in the hope of repairing them to avail of MC’s disposal service. He said if these people have not made attempts to repair the vehicle in the six months it would make sense to get rid of it now.

Answering concerns about cars piled up on a section of private land near the landfill site on the Harquail bypass, CIRO Chairman Orrett Connor said that the Government is looking at taking corrective measurements to shield that area, which he referred to as a ‘junk yard’, from view.

However, he said that other longer term enforcements need to be put in place at the private site and the Government’s landfill site.

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