From ear to eternity

Despite the heading of this letter, I don’t mean to joke about such a serious subject but when, oh when, are the legislators going to outlaw the use of hand-held mobile phones by drivers of motor vehicles.

It is bad enough to see small children being permitted to stand in the front passenger footwell or sitting on the lap of the front seat passenger of a moving vehicle.

The sheer bedlam that is the behaviour of some drivers on the road between the Grand Harbour roundabout and Marina Drive is scandalous.

The total absence of the use of indicators by many drivers – especially at the left turn from Crewe Road into Dorcy Drive – is infuriating. The inability of some drivers to work out the sequence at three-way or four-way junctions is mystifying.

But, by a country mile, nothing compares to the sheer stupidity of holding a mobile phone to one’s ear while driving a motor vehicle.

It’s not that clever to do it on a bicycle either, for that matter. Don’t laugh – I’ve seen it happen! My recent experience of watching a driver of a car containing at least two small children narrowly miss running out of road on a tricky corner because she wasn’t able to apply sufficient turning moments to the steering wheel one-handed while she conducted an animated conversation using a hand-held mobile phone made me realise that until such madness is banned by statute, drivers will continue to do it.

I may look like “a call centre telephonist” with my ear piece and boom mike but at least I can drive my car with both hands while using my mobile.

I know who described me as such – I saw him the other day driving with one hand clamped to his ear. I suppose it will take another needless fatality before the use of hand-held mobile telephones by drivers of vehicles is made an offence. Will it really?

Stephen Hall-Jones

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