Newest InsideOut is out

Steve Myers of Reeflife Aquariums was one of the first people in Cayman to receive copies of the latest issue of InsideOut Cayman’s Home and Living Magazine.

Fittingly Mr Myers’ business is the first of its kind in Cayman specializing in high-end custom-built salt-water aquariums anywhere from 55 gallons up to 55,000 gallons.

‘I’m really happy with InsideOut’ he commented, ‘and I’m honoured to be given the first issue.’

The new issue has been a long time in the making. Finished and ready to go to press two days before Ivan hit, it was somewhat delayed by the events that followed.

Appropriately the issue features everything from rebuilding Cayman, hurricane proofing and landscaping to projections from real estate construction. Our Home section has some great ideas for decorating homes with vibrant colours, designing on a careful budget and creating cosy living spaces. We also take a close look at a home that has survived two storms.

The garden section focuses on growing and ‘re-greening’ Cayman with plenty of ideas and tips from plant experts along with our A-Z of local gardening. Our Living section features the latest in car design and we look at traditional Caymanian pastimes. There’s also a feast for your taste buds with some great food ideas.

Free copies of InsideOut are available now at Cayman Free Press offices, home depots, nurseries, supermarkets and many other stores.