Hurley’s EE, Eden futures being weighed

New property is being sought for the Lil Hurleys in East End while a decision has to be made whether Hurley’s at Eden Centre should be renovated or torn down and re-built.

‘Both Eden Centre and Lil Hurley’s were completely destroyed and are a complete loss,’ said Director Randy Merren.

‘We are currently in the process of purchasing new property for Lil Hurleys East End. With the addition of new property, this will allow for a much larger facility with more services and selection.’

However, as for Eden Centre on Walkers Road, negotiations are still ongoing with the insurance company for the strata.

‘We are researching whether we should renovate the current structure at Eden Centre or tear it down and build a completely new facility in its place,’ explained Mr. Merren.

‘Similar to Lil Hurleys, we are planning on offering a better Hurley’s. Overall, our main goal is to make both stores a better shopping experience for the Cayman Islands community.’

Mr. Merren said that as soon as a suitable property for East End is found there will be a better grasp of a timeline for re-opening.

‘Similarly, once we have completed our insurance negotiations we will know more. At this time we can not commit to time frame.’

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