Lawrence details Bodden Town issues

There are major issues facing Cayman, but the biggest one is rebuilding the country.

This was the main focus of a public meeting held last week by independent candidate Mary Lawrence for the district of Bodden Town.

A candidate well versed in the history of the Cayman Islands, Mrs. Lawrence put forth her ideas to a small gathering in the parking lot of Bodden Town Post Office.

Mrs. Lawrence, supported by Campaign Manager Elsbert Terry, told the gathering she was the right person to help them work on what was the biggest problem facing Cayman right now: the rebuilding of the Cayman Islands after Hurricane Ivan.

She said 11 September changed the Cayman Islands.

‘We want to make sure that families are secure, homes, businesses schools, and clinics are rebuilt,’ she said.

‘People lift your eyes above the damage and view the Bodden Town we shall build together in the coming years.’

She said though Bodden Town lost a great deal in the storm, progress is being made. The mountain of debris behind the Civic Centre has been removed and the Post Office is functional.

‘We don’t have to wait for Government to do everything. There is no reason why we can’t go to the Civic Centre and other areas to clean up,’ she said.

Her belief, she said, was that one did not have to go the Cabinet to serve one’s country.

‘Any community as small as ours should not be divided when they go to Cabinet to represent us,’ said Mrs. Lawrence. ‘Don’t be in Cabinet just to be there, but have the desire and the heart to work for the district.

‘The people you send there must be loyal. They must be able to look at the needs of the district and the Cayman Islands as a whole.

‘Bodden Town needs representation that will work for the good of the people, so choose wisely when electing the three representatives for this district,’ she said.

On the issue of the Senior’s Community Centre, Mrs. Lawrence said her first intentions were a community centre, not an old peoples home, which some opposing candidates were advocating.

Mrs. Lawrence also spoke of Dart Park, which will be behind the Senior’s Community Centre. She said the land in front of the centre would be developed as a playground.

Ivan stopped all of those plans, but, she said, the plans to get going again were in the hands of Government.

‘The park will reflect the rich history of the Bodden Town district. We will make Bodden Town the historic district place in the country,’ Mrs. Lawrence said.

‘We want to improve life in the district and make it more attractive.

‘We must plant vegetation and trees, such as grape, lavenders and almond. Bodden Town is very exposed at the present.’

Mrs. Lawrence also said that the Civic Centre is not a hurricane shelter and that schools cannot work as shelters because students are put at a disadvantage. She said government must look to building a hurricane shelter.

She said it was time to purchase stretches of the Bodden Town coastline.

‘We have only one public beach. It is time to change that for future generations,’ she said.

‘Let’s be an active community that works and strives together to meet its goals,’ Mrs. Lawrence said.

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