Two parties registered

Two political parties have been registered with the Elections Office, confirmed Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez.

Applications from the People’s Progressive Movement and the United Democratic Party were received and approved before Nomination Day, 16 March.

After vetting each application and the party’s constitution, Mr. Gomez issued a certificate of registration and arranged for the registration to be gazetted.

By law, no parties can be registered from Nomination Day until after the general elections on 11 May.

However, Mr. Gomez pointed out, the Elections Law defines ‘political party’ as ‘a group of persons who have united to contest an election.’

Therefore, rules pertaining to parties will apply whether a group has registered or not. Such a group will include a team or alliance.

Party membership may affect the amount of money a candidate may spend on his or her campaign.

If a candidate does not belong to a political party, or if there is no other candidate belonging to the same party in that electoral district, the maximum amount of election expenses to be incurred shall be $35,000.

Where the candidate is not the only candidate belonging to a party in an electoral district, the maximum is $30,000.

In determining the total expenditure incurred in relation to any candidate, the $1,000 nomination deposit is not considered. Neither is any expenditure incurred before Nomination Day ‘with respect to services rendered or material supplied.’

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