Safer off the roads?

As long time residents of Cayman and holders of licenses to drive, my wife and I were appalled at the chaos existing in the relicensing process.

Over a period of four weeks we made four trips to get ours renewed only to meet with frustration at each turn.

First time the line was at least three hours in length moving at a snail-like pace with only one or two employees at their desks each of which seemed to leave for a rest after every customer.

Additionally the camera was not operational so a current photo could not be taken. The next trip was no better, but a friend’s suggestion led to our going to the Walker Road office to surrender our licenses and pay a fee which, with no eye exam or current photo, gave us a paper entitling us to drive until a proper license could be issued at the main office.

Returning to the main office we waited in line until just before noon when the clerk announced that she would be closed until two PM. Determined to get our licenses we returned to find that the computer as well as the camera was down for an undetermined period of time.

In a country that rates itself as one of the world’s largest banking centers I find it hard to justify the lack of ability to provide a safe and efficient process for handling vehicle and drivers licensing. We have never had driver’s licenses that did not involve a basic eye exam and current photo.

Perhaps we would be safer to stay off the road.

Dan and Mary Collins

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