BT real estate company opens

The first new Bodden Town business after Hurricane Ivan, a real estate company which promises to look out for Caymanians, has opened.

Company opens

Young Chad Clifford Clifford snips the ribbon officially opening the Watler & Watler Real Estate Company in the company of Health Minister Gilbert McLean right, Mary Lawrence, Emilio Watler, back right, Anthony Eden left, and Charles. Photo: Jewel Levy

Watler & Watler Realty, owned and operated by Boddentowner Emilio Pedro Watler, was officially opened by Health Minister Gilbert McLean, Anthony Eden, Mary Lawrence, Charles Clifford and young Chad Clifford in the Bodden Town Pirates Caves and Gift shop building Monday.

After a brief tour of the new office, Mr. Watler spoke with invited guests highlighting the goals of his new company.

‘One of my primary focuses is helping Caymanians find affordable property,’ said Mr. Watler.

‘Right now house lots sell for a whopping $55,000. That is a bit steep for Caymanians on low- income salaries. One of my plans is to find huge lots, subdivide them into smaller lots that can be purchased at $25,000 on terms to individuals.

Mr. Watler said he was willing to help everyone who is looking to purchase affordable homes.

‘Caymanians need to invest down the road and we also need to protect some of the land for future generations to come,’ said Mr. Walter who is the father of two daughters, Amanda and Ceria.

‘Most real estate agents are unwilling to call back when they find out you are looking to purchase land at a reasonable price. This I know because I have tried on a number of occasions and was not successful.

‘Watler & Watler Realty will go that extra mile so that all are happy when looking for good property deals.

The carpenter, turned creative pottery maker, turned pirates caves caretaker, turned real estate agent comes from a long line of realtors.

‘My inspiration and knowledge came from two of the best, my father Mr. Bert Watler and Marnie Turner, a partner in my father’s former business,’ he said.

‘They were both well-known realtors throughout the Cayman Islands when they owned Hibiscus Realty,’ said Mr. Watler.

‘Bodden Town has had a number of Watler entrepreneurs that have been in the real estate business throughout the years. It is a tradition I would like to carry on into the future,’ said Mr. Watler.

Already the company is in the process of securing deals that will acquire and sell land for over $2 million.

Mr. Watler said he is also looking at opening a construction company in the district in the near future.

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