Department honours women

A seminar sponsored by the Department of Youth and Sports in support of Honouring Women’s Month provided attendees with a wealth of information.

The seminar, held 22 March at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex, featured Cayman Islands Hospital community dietician Bethany Smith, John Gray High School physical education teacher Jane Kelly and a testimonial from Kim Rough Moses, who has lost 90 pounds, states a press release.

Ms Smith gave a detailed presentation on healthy eating and nutritional habits, including common-sense tips on how to achieve weight-loss goals.

‘Choose foods from each of the six food groups daily, low in fat and low in sugar. Read nutrition facts labels, eat moderate-size portions, shop with a list and control your environment by stocking the kitchen with healthy food,’ Ms Smith said.

She encouraged listeners to eat a high-fibre diet because it makes people feel full longer.

Ms Smith cautioned dieters to be a weary of low-carb diets because studies have not been done to see what the long-term effects on the body will be.

Mrs. Kelly’s presentation dealt with the importance of physical activity, and she reiterated the common-sense approach.

‘There are four components of weight management and fitness: 20 minutes of exercise daily, a balanced meal, rest and hygiene.

‘As a nation we are getting fatter. One of the main causes of death in the Western world is heart disease. If we are to improve ourselves, we need to get fit. Sports and physical activity save lives,’ she said.

Mrs. Kelly encouraged people to exercise with their children, to help them develop the habit for life.

Keynote speaker Mrs. Rough Moses, a self-professed chocoholic, gave an inspiring speech that offered the audience hope for his or her own weight-loss battles.

‘Through sports, exercise and sheer determination I lost weight and gained a healthier lifestyle. I am doing things now I never imagined, like speaking here tonight,’ she said.

She is the organiser of Sports Alive. The Department of Youth and Sports will be featuring Mrs. Rough-Moses, who used sports to win her battle with the bulge.

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