Parks work continues

A goal has been set to have all parks repaired by July,

But grass problems plague the Truman Bodden Sports Complex and Ed Bush Playing Field.

Lights and playground equipment have been repaired in most parks, with the exception of the facility in Windsor Park.

Department Director of Youth and Sports Dalton Walter said repairing the parks is a priority.

‘After we dealt with Scholars Park in West Bay, the Captain George Dixon Park in East End and the Jerald Smith Park in North Side we began working at those parks where people compete socially. This includes the Airport Park and the Cox Court off Eastern Avenue.’

‘At this point we are emphasising recreation rather than competition. Serious competition would just add to an already stressful situation. We want to provide people with a place they can go to work up a sweat, to work out their frustration, to burn some energy,’ he said.

‘Because we are stressing that people have fun, the grass does not need to be 100 per cent green to play on. The fields are not ready. They were saturated with salt water during the hurricane. We are trying to get the salinity out of the grass. Once we have stabilised the soil, then we will have to dig up the grass to replant. That will take time,’ Mr. Watler said.

He said insurance settlements are pending for the Truman Bodden Sports Complex and the Ed Bush Playing Field.

‘We cannot invest any money in repairs because it is too much. Cabinet, though, approved the deductible on the insurance for parks and sporting facilities, which got the ball rolling.’

The next stage is repairing the lights, which is to start next month, said Mr. Watler.

Sports Minister Dr. Frank McField has asked the public to be patient.

‘I would like to thank the public for their patience. We have been and are still approaching this matter with urgency, as we recognise the benefits of exercise and recreational competition,’ Dr. McField said.

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