dms Broadcasting on air

dms Broadcasting Ltd. burst onto Cayman’s radio air waves with HOT 104.1 FM, KISS 106.1 FM, and X 107.1 FM Monday morning.

After an energetic media campaign to raise awareness of the launch, the stations began individual broadcasts and programming yesterday.

The three stations have developed formats that cater to the diverse music interests of Cayman’s residents, states a dms press release.

HOT 104.1 FM, a BET affiliate, plays an eclectic mix of Reggae, Soca, Calypso, and R&B music.

Veteran Cayman radio personality, Orville Daniels hostst Morning HOT Spot from 6-10am.

HOT will also feature, in the mid-day, Caribbean Flava with Verona, from 10am-3pm. Other HOT programming includes:

HOT Person of the Month – Monthly award given to the person who is recognized as doing a good deed for an individual or the community.

HOT 4 Play at 4 – Four songs in sequence from your favourite artists.

HOT Block Party Weekend – Playing long sets of music from your favourite artists. To request a song on HOT 104.1 FM, call the request line at 943-1041.

KISS 106.1 FM, a VH1 affiliate, showcases the best of current adult music and the top requested gold tracks from 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and today. The daily shows on KISS include:

The Inbox with Belinda (10am-3pm), Roundabout Madness with Mark Thompson (3-7pm) and Love Songs with Aldo (7pm-midnight).

Other special programming includes:

KISS Sun-Set – Three songs selected by listeners to create their own soundtrack to a beautiful Cayman Islands sunset.

9, 2, 5 – Every weekday at 9am, 2pm and 5pm, the station gives listeners a special KISS gift, such as dinners or spa treatments.

KISS Entertainment News – Four times a day, KISS will air the latest VH1 entertainment news from around the world.

To request a song on KISS 106.1 FM, call the request line at 943-1061.

X 107.1, an MTV affiliate, plays Contemporary and Alternative Hit music. The X daily programming includes: AM Xtreme with Gil and Steph (6am-10am), Xpanded Contact with Lana (10am-3pm), and The Web Xperience (3-7pm). Other special programming includes:

X 107.1 Listener Pick Listeners choose a song by request or email and supply a personal photo for the web site to accompany the song.

X 107.1 Leakage – The station plays a track from an artist that is unreleased.

X 107.1 Who’s Counting – All of the top requested tracks slammed into one hour heard twice daily at 11am-7pm.

X 107.1 Total Request Live – From MTV, a countdown of all requests worldwide Saturday, Noon to 1pm.

To request a song on X 107.1 FM, call the request line at 943-1071.

Also Monday the web sites for all three stations (,,and went online.

The sites will offer streaming music and programming from the individual stations.

‘The dms Broadcasting staff has worked hard to develop entertaining and informative programming for the diverse listeners of HOT 104.1 FM, KISS 106.1 FM, and X 107.1 FM. Our programming will continually evolve with the needs of our fans,’ said Bob Woodward, vice president and market manager of dms Broadcasting.

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