Foreshore explores off islands strategies

Foreshore will host a Proven Off Island Business Continuity Strategies presentation at the Cricket Square Conference Centre at 4pm Friday, 15 April.

The theme of the presentation will be making the most of the internet for secure online data back up as well as secure encrypted email solutions.

‘We are pleased to be back in Cayman to discuss with the business community how new developments in internet and storage technologies have created off island backup solutions that are simple and inexpensive to implement,’ said Foreshore CEO, Chris Evans. ‘There is clear evidence that the issue of remote storage is becoming increasingly important as a contingency against man-made or natural catastrophes.

‘Foreshore has been providing cross-border disaster recovery services to businesses in the Cayman Islands and other finance centres over the last four years. The company which is based in Jersey, (The Channel Islands) a jurisdiction that has much in common with the Cayman Islands, successfully hosted a number of Cayman Island businesses in the aftermath of Ivan last year.”

The general assembly will begin at 3.30pm. A meet the team reception will be held at the Brasserie Restaurant following the presentation.

For information or reservations contact Polly Skibinski at 526-0697, The reservation deadline is 13 April and seating is limited.

Foreshore has partnered with EVault Inc. of the USA, the leading provider of network backup, recovery and software services. Foreshore is now delivering online data protection and recovery solutions to businesses from its world-class data centres to clients in the Channel Islands, the Caribbean and other offshore centres.

The solution is managed from a central location using the company’s existing network/Internet infrastructure. There is no additional hardware or personnel required, saving time, money and effort. Companies with data in multiple office locations achieve standardised retention schedules and significant cost benefits.

The technology is the basis for securing critical data for thousands of businesses worldwide and has performed millions of online backups and tens of thousands of successful restores.

By automating the backup and retrieval processes at the file, application and server levels, EVault eliminates media failure and obsolescence as well as human error.

Privacy Professional ensures total security for organisations communicating electronically with clients and partners. Unlike traditional email, Privacy Professional guarantees the integrity of the content as well as the authenticity of the sender.

Messages and their attachments are sent digitally signed and encrypted as soon as the ‘send’ button is ‘clicked’. They remain encrypted until they are verified to ensure that they have not been tampered with and that the message is from the authenticated sender.

Simple to use and easy to deploy, there is no software to install so the user need only log on for immediate global access. Privacy Professional can be used from any internet connected PC anywhere in the world. Emails and their attachments can be sent or received at any time from any place, even from internet cafes where total security and privacy can still be maintained.

Privacy Professional is a managed service. This means it facilitates the creation, management and distribution of the electronic keys used for encrypting and decrypting data and for signing and verifying signatures.

Based in Jersey, Foreshore is an international class internet communications company.

Foreshore reliably connects businesses to their customers, suppliers and partners. The company’s multi-site internet backbone offers an unparalleled flexibility, scalability and security that is vital for business to thrive in today’s challenging economic environment.

So confident is Foreshore of its reliability and performance, it backs its IP and hosting services with 100 per cent service level agreements to guarantee maximum availability.

Foreshore is the chosen provider for a number of the best-known international banks and some of the largest European internet retailers and service companies.

Foreshore’s major shareholder is the Jersey Electricity Company Limited. More information is at

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